Oh, Complicated Life!

•June 9, 2011 • Leave a Comment

I am a 27 year old female, writing an anonymous blog.  I am sure there are tens of thousands of blogs like it.  I have no idea if anyone will even ever read it, but my life is both complicated and highly entertaining.  I have a lot of deep thoughts (OK…some aren’t very deep at all) that I want to share, but tend to keep a lot of them to myself because most days the only people are interact with are my middle-aged co-workers and my ex-boyfriend.  Neither option is very good for sharing when I am having random thoughts like “That guy jogging is so hot that I want to run outside, tackle him, and roll around getting sweaty with him for a while”.  The blog will be my outlet and maybe, just maybe, it will connect to some other people in similar life situations.

I am just now getting around to graduating from college, and being a “non-traditional” student has caused some difficulties for me.  I had to drop out without a degree the first time because of financial reasons.  I am older than all of my classmates now.  Not by much in the grand scheme of things, but by enough that I haven’t really made any “friends” from school over the past few years and group projects tended to be a bit awkward because I don’t think it’s appropriate to use a bar as a place to work on the project.  I mostly just got through school ignoring the other students while maintaining all of my friendships from the first time around.  I have a great group of friends surrounding me that can be split into several “categories”.  I have: “The Boys”, “Meg 1 and Meg 2”, and “The Wild Bunch”.

I have had the same job as an event planner for about 5 years now and some of my clients are the most wonderful people in the world (and some of them are raving lunatics!).  Oh, the stories I could (and will!) tell.

I have some pets in my apartment.  A couple dogs, a cat, some fishes.  The dogs are not the best behaved creatures in the world, but they do provide occasional moments of side-splitting hilarity.

Oh, and I live with my ex-boyfriend.  I am a hopeless-romantic, and as such, I always think that my relationships will work out.  As we all know, they sometimes fail miserably.  It was my idea to lease this gigantic apartment and I really needed to keep him as a roommate to be able to afford to live there.  The relationship ended about 10 months into a 2-year lease (we’re now 16 months into the lease), so I have a little while longer to live with him.  He can be jealously possessive, a good friend, a total jerk-wad, and completely uninterested, depending on what day of the week it is.

I hope to fill the blog with interesting thoughts, humor, silly antics, and daily struggles/triumphs and if you’re reading this, I hope you enjoy!